Second Mortgages Welland and Woodstock, Ontario

Our second mortgage agents can easily tell you if you qualify for any Welland second mortgage home loan or Woodstock second mortgage home loan. Most second mortgage loans in Welland and Woodstock use the amount of equity in your home or property to determine if you qualify for a second mortgage. Throughout Welland and Woodstock our lenders have a maximum loan to value ratio around 80%. Our second mortgage lenders in Welland and Woodstock do not consider for your credit score to be an important factor in qualifying for a second mortgage, nevertheless lenders do want to make certain that you have the income or financial resources to make the monthly mortgage installment payments.

Most second mortgage loans in Welland and Woodstock are interest only payments however, you have the option to raise your monthly payments which will reduce the principal that will be owed at the end of the mortgage term. A second mortgage can be used to pay for property renovations, credit card debt and personalized expenses.

Please phone our second home loan agents in Welland and Woodstock to take delivery of your free assessment.