Second Mortgages and Home Equity Loans in Whitby Ontario

We can help you get the second mortgage that you are looking for. Second mortgages in Whitby, Ontario can be used to pay for credit card loans, home improvements, personal loans, etc.

To qualify for a second mortgage in Whitby, Ontario you must own the property and the property must have a significant amount of equity to borrow against. Most second mortgages are based on the equity in your house, therefore factors such as a poor credit rating will not stop you from getting the loan.

Bad Credit Score

Our lenders base their lending decision on the equity in your home. A bad credit score does not mean that you will not get a second mortgage. A

Whitby Private Lenders

Private lenders can provide a second mortgage even if the bank has turned your down. Private lenders base their loans on the equity in a property, not your credit score or income.

Second Mortgage Appraisals

Most second mortgages require an appraisal to determine the value of the property. The lender is assigns a independent appraiser to provide a value for the property.

Whitby Real Estate Market

Whitby is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario with Oshawa on its eastern boarder and Ajax on its western boarder. Highway 401 runs through the lower half of Whitby and Brock road is the main connection from the 401. Whitby has a mix of older homes with a large amount of new homes in the northern half. There are also  many town houses and recently built condo buildings. The wide diversity of housing options means that most people can afford to buy a house in Whitby.

Our agents have arranged second mortgages in Whitby, Ontario and have many years of experience in these areas. Call us for a free consultation on your second mortgage.

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In The Media

The following articles refer to people who had problems with their mortgages. Some were in power of sale, other in default of their first or second mortgage.

The Toronto Life article tells the story of various people in power of sale and how a mortgage broker helped them resolve the situation.

The Global TV news report tells how a private lender used second mortgages to take advantage to homeowners.

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